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Want to come to Canada? 


Canada offers various categories that lead to Permanent Residency. Each of the following categories have multiple types of immigration applications that you may qualify in. Our experts make assessments of qualification criteria of these application and match them with your profile. Contact your team to explore all possible opportunities you can avail to become a Canadian Permanent Resident. 

Family Class – Sponsorship

  • Spousal Sponsorship (Inside and Outside Canada)
  • Parents and Grand Parents Sponsorship
  • Adopted Child & Other Relatives Sponsorship 

Economic Class – Express 

  • Federal Skilled Worker/Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Provincial Nominee (Few)

Provincial Nominee 

  • PNP Leading to Work Permits
  • Atlantic Immigration
  • PNP for PR

Caregiver Programs

  • Caregiver for Children
  • Caregiver for High Medical Needs
  • Live-In-Caregiver Program
  • LIC FOR Work Permits

Business Immigration 

  • Business Investors
  • Provincial Business Programs
  • Entrepreneur Programs
  • Self-Employed Programs
  • Start-Up Visa Program

Refugee & Asylum 

  • In Canada Refugees Claims
  • Outside Canada Refugee Claims
  • Refugee Sponsorship
  • PRRA
  • H&C Programs


There are applications that allow temporary residence to visitors, students and workers who can come to Canada for a limited period of time and experience Canadian lifestyle. Some of these applications can also lead towards permanent residence if needed. 

Work Permits

There are over two hundred types of work permits issued inside and outside Canada. 

  • Open Work Permits
  • Close Work Permits
  • LMIA 
  • Live-In-Caregiver Work Permits

Temporary Resident Permits

These are special kind of applications that are issued to those who are either inadmissible to enter or remain in Canada or they do not qualify to come to Canada under any available application or category. These permits are issued only in special circumstances.

Contact our TRP specialists if you think your situation is unique.

Visitor Visa

  • Less than 6 months
  • More than 6 months/Multiple Entry
  • Visitor Visa Extentions

Super Visa

  • Super Visa for Parents
  • Super Visa for Grand Parents
  • Super Visa Insurance

Student Permits

  • Study Permits
  • Study Visas
  • Admissions 


  • Appeal Cases for refused applications
  • Detention Reviews/Appeals
  • Deportation Reviews/Appeals 
  • Admissibility Hearings
  • Loss of Permanent Residency
  • Travel Document


  •  Citizenship Applications 

Renewals / Extensions

  •  PR Card Renewals
  • Work Permit Renewal
  • Work Permit Extension
  • Study Permit Renewal/Extension
  • Study Permit Extension
  • Visitor Visa Stay Extension
  • Travel Document
  • Travel Document Renewal