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CanadaLeaf immigration 


CanadaLeaf immigration is Regulated and Licenced by


Shandana Sohail (RCIC) 

We Say  '' Dare To Dream Canada ''

CanadaLeaf Immigration provides the full range of Canadian Immigration, Citizenship and Refugee Services to its client from all over the world. Our head office is in downtown Toronto. CanadaLeaf Immigration was founded by “Shandana Sohail (RCIC)” a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. We can legally represent our clients before IRCC and Immigration and Refugee Board in Canada.


Our Values:

We are known for our values of honesty, dedication and the time we spent on our immigration cases. We believe in adding our personalized touch to each and individual case. Our team walks with you from the scratch to the completion of your application because WE CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS